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SEO Secrets for FinTech Companies

Search engine optimization is a major component of online marketing, and over the years, businesses across diverse industries have used it to build we organic following to successful effect. If you run a Fintech company and want to expand your reach, adopting search engine optimization (SEO) as part of your online marketing drive is a major requirement for online traction. To be successful, you need SEO secrets for Fintech Companies.

While SEO remains an evolving or complex field, it will help your brand gain long-term attention and loyalty from your target audience by using key elements like titles, meta tags, valuable content, keyword usage and linking, and many other tactics to build social media engagement.

At a closer look, we have found that businesses that operate online and utilize SEO successfully attract organic traffic to their website, rank high for search engine results, generate leads, boost sales, and achieve greater brand visibility. You can use this marketing tactic to achieve all your KPI goals if it is better utilized.

The key approach here is to invest heavily in content creation that tackles all the customer's pain points. Rather than reinvent the wheel, the content speaks to the fears and expectations of the customer in an informative and inspiring manner.

Producing Content That Drives Traffic

Fintech companies are judged differently from other businesses and are expected to meet high standards in almost every area. From the quality of their product down to how they market it, they are expected to deliver quality.

This puts them under intense pressure to achieve excellence for one major reason: customers will be parting with their money, and where cash is involved, people tend to scrutinize every aspect of the organization they will deal with. Simply put, fintech companies are like mobile banks.

The advertising the organization puts out will determine how the public perceives it. That is why the desire for high-quality content should be a priority for all Fintech companies. Your public releases must sell the vision in a way that the public can understand, leaving no room for confusion or assumptions.

SEO Secrets For Fintech Companies

So, if you understand the value of SEO content and have decided to add it to your marketing drive, you ought to know SEO secrets for fintech companies. As we said before, it is a complex and ever-evolving field, and doing it wrong can adversely affect your business.

So, without further ado, here are some secrets that have worked and continue to deliver value in the fintech space.

Always Research Keywords

Keywords are essential components of SEO, and before you use them, always do your research, as this is the only way you can optimize your website. Never assume a keyword will work if you have not researched it yet. Use keyword tools to identify keywords that are relevant to your industry. Tools like Google Ad Keyword Planner, Google Trends, and many others are valuable tools for optimization.

Using keywords is crucial for the success of a fintech company's drive for organic traffic as it will determine the success or failure of their overall content marketing strategy.

Targeting Map

Still, in keyword marketing, you want to create a map or list of keywords with high, medium, and low visibility and share them with team members to give them a clear idea of keywords to use. Grouping them into categories will help build teamwork cohesion and a clear direction. They will know which keywords to use, when, and where instead of a scattergun approach that will yield little results.

Tackle Customer Pain Point

Fintech products address customers' specific needs, and your content should identify these needs and address them as clearly as possible. Remember that the main goal of content is to drive traffic, and any visitor who comes to your website should be better informed about what your product can do for them.

High-quality content builds trust and increases the confidence in the customer to pay for the product you're offering. For instance, if your company offers an online payment platform, the content should address the pain points. Pain points may be

  • The current challenge the customer is facing making payments online

  • Their fears of losing their money or exposure of their sensitive information

  • They doubt that the platform may not be efficient

The best way to identify pain points is to do customer research by speaking directly with customers or potential users of your product to get a feel of their concerns and needs. Once you know these pain points, your team should create content that concisely addresses these concerns. It must proffer solutions and answer all the questions they may ask.

Practice Content Optimization

Another SEO secret for Fintech companies that many are not doing well enough or at all is content optimization. After laying down the foundation for success, you must continually oil the wheel for consistent results. Creating well-structured and researched landing pages for your web pages is a priority. Always optimize your metadata by adding keywords and relevant images to your published content to drive traffic.

Use Schema Markup

Schema Markup is structured data that uses codes displayed in a specific format. Internet search engines utilize schema to understand better the data displayed on a webpage. It enhances understanding of the site and encourages listings and FAQs that will provide the visitor or customer with more value.

Content Promotion

For even better engagement, you might want to promote your content online. To be clear, optimized content is already advertising, but if you promote it, you further maximize its reach. You can call it a maximization plan for distribution, which may include email marketing, PR campaigns, or media posts. Consider creating a quarterly plan that will align with your release timeline so you can publish content at regular intervals.

Backlinks Building

Never underestimate the power of backlinks, as they still work wonders for websites. While backlinks may not make or mar your SEO strategy, they go fast-track growth. The more backlinks your pages have, the more organic they will become. Build back-channel relationships with influencers in the Fintech space and encourage them to publish a piece from your site for more traction.

Test Different Approaches

Note that there's no cast-in-stone approach to achieving SEO success for your fintech business, but you never know what will work or which approach will deliver the best results if you don't try different ones. Try out different approaches and track the success or failure of these approaches. Be flexible and restructure your content if you must. By measuring results, you will do more of what works and less of what offers limited results.

Optimize Website For Mobile

If you want your site to receive more traffic, you must increase its usability value. One way to do that is to optimize it for mobile by having a mobile version. Allowing users to pick desktop or mobile versions will improve their experience. Studies show that most people use mobile phones to access the internet and spend more time on mobile-friendly sites.

You should ensure that your website looks amazing on mobile devices and is easy to navigate from one page or section to the next. The pages must also load quickly, and searching for information should be easy with a search bar provided. This will increase the user and conversion rate by several percentage points.

Proven SEO Strategies For Fintech

In the previous section, we shared SEO secrets for the best optimization results. How about marketing strategies using SEO? Keep reading to learn something new.

Social Media Marketing

We have already addressed content promotion, but we need to emphasize the importance of social media marketing. Social media marketing is quite significant today as a significant percentage of the population spends their time on these platforms. Most fintech companies drive growth using Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter more than any other platform on the internet.

Audience targeting on these platforms has proven quite successful, so your business is missing a lot if you have not been using these mediums before now. If your product caters to the needs of younger people, you need a social media strategy.

After creating your optimized content, posting links and short excerpts on your social media pages will help drive traffic to your website, where the real work begins. Snapchat and TikTok are other notable platforms for social media engagements.

Use Educational Content

While you may create different content for your website, you want to add educational content to your list.

Remember that you are operating in the finance industry, and persons seeking financial services are likely educated and more knowledge-oriented. They want products that help them make better financial decisions and will make their determination based on how much knowledge a brand offers.

Publishing content online that provides educational information is very important. The trend witnessed in the industry is that Fintech companies that aid the financial literacy of their customers tend to attract more customers than those that don't. Posting optimized content on your platform will place your brand in the position of an industry leader, boost site ranking on Google, and increase visibility.

Educational content builds trust and creates a strong relationship that will last for a long time. This is a competitive advantage that your rivals will struggle to beat.

Target Audience Engagement

Posting highly optimized pages and links is not enough; you must follow through and build engagement with your target audience, which will take time. This business method has proven to be effective in building a mass following. Companies that don't experience major fall further down the line when they don't have active online campaigns.

Since the Fintech industry requires trust, you want to create a scenario where your audience believes they are being heard and their concerns will be addressed. This is where active customer service comes in. No customer wants to be left hanging for days before their issue is addressed or questions answered. You also want to keep them engaged week in week out.

Videos Work Like Magic

Videos have long played a role in marketing since the advent of television sets, and they have become an essential part of online marketing. One of the most successful ways Fintech companies have carved niches for themselves in their ever-competitive Industries is to release captivating marketing videos.

Videos are one of the tools to attract users to their websites to promote their products and services, and they work much better than text. We always recommend a combination of text and videos for marketing purposes, but how so?

You can create highly optimized text and then embed videos for greater value. The video must contain essential elements and information in the text so the visitor will understand the message regardless of whether they read it. The initial investment may cost the sum, but the long-term benefits of this type of advertising are significant.

How To Choose SEO Agency For A FinTech Company

Appreciating the value of SEO is one thing; doing all you can to pull it off is another. The best decision you will ever make for your fintech company is to hire a trusted SEO agency to handle your content optimization goals, so your team can focus on other important assignments.

The ad marketing space is filled with service providers claiming to be the best and offering different price packages, so how do you choose the right agency for your company?

Here are the things to look out for.

Are They, Experts

The first question to ask is if they are expert marketers. You want a professional outfit with a record to show, not a greenhorn in the game. As you commit to investing in SEO marketing, you want to hand over the task to a trusted hand that will help you achieve your short and long-term goals.

Evaluate their skill set and check if they have worked for companies of the same size and industry. Experts in Fintech marketing are what it should be looking for, which will include expert copywriters who will be able to break down complex technical jargon into understandable and insightful content. This is essential if you are dealing with a tech-savvy audience.

Can They Build A Strategy For Your Brand?

The next question to ask is if they can build a strategy that will align without brand goals and vision. Marketing has advanced over the years, and today, there are different strategies and approaches; you want to make sure that the ad agency you go for has the ability to craft a strategy that will be the right fit for your brand.

Look for an agency that can cut through the noise, stand your brand out from the crowd, and consistently create optimized SEO.

Copy & Design Harmonization

The content they produce for you must harmonize with the design of your website. This involves embedding videos and images into the web pages.

Publishing content not support the web design is not a good idea, and your pages may look rough and unappealing.

Simply put, the content must tell a story of the design and images the audience sees.

When explaining complex text and terminologies, copies should use simple, easy-to-understand grammar that even lay people can understand; this may not be required if the target audience is highly skilled and knowledgeable.

Ask For Testimonials & Case Studies

When interviewing an ad agency for your SEO marketing gig, you should ask for testimonials and case studies. These case studies will give you a fair idea about

  • The type of content they produce

  • The success or failure of their approach

  • The client and industry they've worked for

Overall, studies help you evaluate their level of competency. Testimonials will also give you an idea about what their previous clients think about their work. If they are impressed, you can tell from their comments, and if not, your guess is as good as mine.

While studies and testimonials are strong markers to tell if an ad agency is worth their onions or not, don't rely on them alone. Read customer reviews to make better judgment calls.

Service Fees

Last but not least is their service fees. The quality of their service fees will not matter if you cannot afford it, so ask the right questions. Are there additional or hidden fees you should be aware of? Will they offer discounts? Will fees increase based on performance or after a certain period? Understand the fine print before signing any contract with an ad agency. And make sure their fees are for your budget before you contract them to handle your SEO marketing responsibilities.


Adopting the SEO secrets for Fintech companies addressed in this article will help drive organic traffic to your site, improve brand visibility, and strengthen your brand in the Fintech industry. If you plan to hire an ad agency for the job, do your due diligence and choose one with a verifiable background that is a cultural fit for your company.


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