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Achieving Acquisition Goals With Webinar & Virtual Events in the Financial Services Space


You want to grow your financial services business. You've tried traditional marketing methods, but they're not giving you the results you need. You've even explored digital marketing, but you're not sure how to get started.

Don't worry, we're here to help. In this guide, we'll discuss how to use webinars and virtual events to reach new customers and achieve your acquisition goals.

Benefits of Webinars and Virtual Events for Fintech Acquisition

When used correctly, webinars and virtual events are an excellent way to acquire new customers in the financial services space. They offer a number of benefits, including:

They're Cost-effective: Events like these are typically much more cost-effective than traditional marketing methods, such as print or television advertising.

They're Engaging: Virtual events are far more engaging than traditional methods of communication. Attendees feel like they're right there in the room with you, and they're more likely to ask questions and participate in the discussion.

They're Personalized: Virtual events allow you to personalize the experience for each attendee. You can address their specific needs and concerns, and provide them with the information they need to make an informed decision about your product or service.

Different Types of Online Events You Can Use to Reach Your Targets

There are many types of online events you can use to reach your targets. The most common are webinars and virtual events.

Webinars are live, interactive sessions that allow participants to view and hear the presenter's desktop. They're a great way to engage with your target audience, provide training and answer questions in real time.

Virtual events, on the other hand, are not live. They can be delivered as pre-recorded sessions or as a series of on-demand videos. This type of event is perfect for reaching prospects who aren't able to attend a live event. It also allows you to extend the life of your event and reach more people.

Developing a Successful Event Campaign Strategy

Just like any other marketing activity, your webinar or virtual event campaign won't be successful without a strategy. Here are the key elements to consider when planning your event:

  • Audience: Who is your target audience? What do you know about them? What do you want to learn about them?

  • Goals: What are your goals for the event? More leads? More customers? Higher conversions?

  • Content: What will be the focus of the event? What topics will you cover? Who will present?

  • Format: What type of event will it be? Webinar, virtual trade show, online conference, etc.?

  • Tools: What tools will you need to execute the event successfully? Can you use your existing marketing automation platform, or will you need a new tool?

  • Promotion: How will you promote the event to reach your target audience?

Using Data to Focus on the Right Target Market

When it comes to successful virtual events, it pays to focus your efforts on the right target market. The best way to do that is by utilizing data. By taking a deeper dive into who your target customers are and understanding their interests, you can create events that will be more successful in reaching the right people.

To kick things off, start by collecting information from any existing customer records or surveys that you may have on hand. Then look at available insights from social media networks and other online sources— this can help you narrow down who should be invited to your event. Be sure to consider search engine data as well; this is a great way to identify what potential customers in your niche are actively looking for.

Once you have identified who should be your primary target market, you can use analytics tools to measure how attendees engage with each event. This allows you to adjust and refine future events based on the response of those attending past events. From there, it’s just a matter of continuously optimizing until you get maximum results from every event.

The Importance of Crafting the Perfect Webinar Experience

So, you are ready to create a webinar or virtual event that will help you acquire new customers in the financial services space. Great! It’s important to remember that crafting the perfect webinar experience can be daunting task. You have to stick to a schedule and plan out every detail, while still being able to adjust quickly and accommodate any unexpected surprises.

To make sure everything goes off without a hitch, consider couples of things that will ensure success: research your target audience, develop content and visuals tailored specifically for them, pick the right platform for hosting your event, think about ways to personalize each user’s experience, leverage tech solutions like automation and AI for pre-event preperation and post-event follow up. If you can create an engaging and memorable experience for your target audience, then you will be sure to reach your acquisition goals through webinars and virtual events in the financial services space.

Crucial Steps for Post-Event Follow-Up and Analysis

Post-event follow-up and analysis of your virtual events is a crucial step in reaching your acquisition goals. You’ll want to go beyond basic metrics such as attendees or registration numbers and dive into deeper insights about the impact of the event for your business. Here are some tips:

- Identify what you learned from the experience. What went well, and where can you improve?

- Follow up with all registrants with a personalized email to get feedback on their experience.

- Reach out to successful registrants and convert them into customers by sending targeted offers, discounts, and free products.

- Analyze engagement metrics such as post likes or shares, video views and the number of comments on social media. These insights can help you plan future events more effectively.

- Track conversion rates related to event attendance such as how many people become customers after attending the webinar or virtual event. This helps measure ROI and identify what content resonates most with your audience so you can tailor upcoming events accordingly.


You now know that online marketing events are a powerful way to reach your target audience in the financial services space. The key to success is taking a strategic approach, executing flawlessly and following up with your attendees personally. Put these tips into action and you'll be on your way to acquiring new customers in no time!

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